Friday, June 26, 2009

2009 Virginia Blog Fest

It's hard to believe the Blog Fest is right around the corner.

We have an exciting several days planned. Below is our agenda as of this moment, much of this is dependent upon the weather:

JULY 16-19, 2009

Objective: Our goal is to meet the bloggers and commenters we've come to know as friends; to share the beauty of Mathews and Virginia; to perhaps share some blogging tips; and most of all to have fun.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, July 16

3:00 - 5:00 Bloggers arrive at Chesapeake Bay Woman's house (Directions will be e-mailed to those who are traveling from out of town.)

5:00 - 6:00 Wine and Cheese Welcome
Wine, sodas, water, fruit, cheese, crackers, etc. outside if heat and humidity weather permits.

6:00 - 8:00 Cookout in CBW's back yard overlooking Queens Creek. Menu, subject to change, will include shrimp; ham biscuits; deviled eggs; baked beans; potato salad; something on the grill, either chicken, beef, burgers/dogs/ TBD.

8:00 - Whenever: Bonfire

Friday, July 17
Whenever we get up: Breakfast - Breakfast casserole; coffee; juice; pastries; fruit.

Late morning - Tour of Mathews to include New Point Lighhouse; Bethel Beach; Aaron's Beach; Haven Beach; downtown Mathews, including visitors center.

Lunch - Downtown Mathews, Location TBD.

After Lunch - Gwynn's Island Museum (This is not yet confirmed, I need to contact the museum to arrange a tour.)

Free Time

Dinner at Sandpiper Reef Restaurant in Hallieford - Enjoy fresh local seafood on the screened porch.

Saturday, July 18
Whenever we get up: Breakfast - Breakfast casserole; coffee; juice; pastries; fruit.

Late Morning - Boat Ride. Details and logistics still need to be worked out, but a Mathews resident will provide a brief boat ride because you haven't seen Mathews until you've seen it from the water.

Lunch - Sea Breeze Restaurant on Gwynn's Island

Afternoon- Free Time/Nap/Whatever

3:00 (possibly earlier) - Gwynn's Island Beach - swimming, sunning, possibly a jet ski ride followed by a cookout and hopefully a spectacular sunset. There is a shady/grassy area for those who do not wish to swim.

Sunday, July 29
Bloggers depart.

What People May Contribute If They Wish (All available locally so do not have to travel with the stuff.)
-bottled water
-good coffee
-desserts (store bought = fine)
-morning pastries
-wine, beer, beverage of their choice. I will have very limited liquor/mixed drink ingredients (very, very limited)

What People Should Bring or Purchase Upon Arrival
-Mosquito repellant
-Bathing suit
-Beach Towel
-Beach Chair/umbrella (Locals only - I have some spares for those traveling)
-Flip flops - everything is casual around here.
-Cool casual clothing - everything is casual around here.
-Hat for sun protection
-Small cooler (optional)

Spending Money, as follows:
-Lunch on Friday -TBD depending on where we go, but anywhere from $5 - 15.
Dinner on Friday at Sandpiper Reef Restaurant - will run anywhere from $10 - $25 for food, plus cost of beverages
-Lunch at Sea Breeze on Saturday - Very inexpensive - anywhere from $5 - $10.
-$5 contribution from those who take the boat tour
-Money for souvenir Tervis Tumbler if you wish to purchase - $20
-If I secure a van for the Mathews tour, that will cost us something, TBD. I'll post info as soon as possible.

I have a tentative guest list, but for planning purposes would like to get a more definite headcount. Please e-mail me at and tell me which of the events you will attend:

1. Wine and Cheese Thursday night
2. Cookout Thursday night
3. Lunch at Mathews Court House (TBD)Friday
4. Dinner at Sandpiper Friday night
5. Lunch at Sea Breeze on Saturday
6. Cookout at Beach on Saturday

We look forward to seeing you!

Love, CBW