Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 Virginia Blog Fest Overview

Welcome to the 2009 Virginia Blogfest informational site. Please note: This site is still under construction and some of the information here will likely change and/or be updated, particularly the schedule of events. The dates, July 16-19, will not change, nor will the location, Mathews County, Virginia.

Chesapeake Bay Woman and Big Hair Envy invite you to attend a blogging get-together, open to any blogger, commenter or reader of our blogs.

The goal of our gathering is to have fun, to meet people we've come to call our friends, perhaps learn something new about blogging, and tour Mathews County, Virginia.

Below is a tenative agenda, subject to change:

Thursday, July 16
Bloggers arrive
5:00 p.m. - Cookout at Chesapeake Bay Woman's House, which overlooks Queens Creek.

Friday, July 17
Late morning - Tour of Mathews
Lunch - Location TBD
Afternoon - Free time (I will be researching the possibility of a boat trip.)
Dinner - TBD

Saturday, July 18
Free Time
Afternoon - Travel to beach on Gwynn's Island for swimming, possibly jet skiing, sunning. There is a large grassy area available for anyone not wanting to get sandy.
Dinner - Cookout at the beach. Guest appearances from local Mathews residents.

Sunday, July 19
Bloggers depart.


If you are interested in attending the 2009 Virginia Blog Fest in Mathews County from July 16 - 19, please answer a few questions to get started. You may e-mail your answers to and Big Hair Envy (I need to get her e-mail address; in the interim send to the ChesapeakeBayWoman account.)

1. Will you be attending Thursday - Sunday (all days)?

2. If you are only attending certain days, please indicate which ones:

3. Are you bringing anyone with you? (Guests are welcome, however, depending on number of interested participants we may have to limit attendees at some point. For now, the Blog Fest is open to you and your guests.)

4. How will you be traveling? (I.e. personal car, airplane, train, etc.)

5. Will you require transportation to/from the airport/train station?

6. Will you require overnight accommodations? If so, please indicate which of the following you'd prefer:

a) Camping in Chesapeake Bay Woman's yard overlooking the water
b) Staying at Chesapeake Bay Woman's house (inside, not camping)
c) Hotel (the closest one is 15 miles away in Gloucester County)
d) B&B (there are a few in Mathews)
e) Cottage rental (some are available for short term)
f) Local campground (there are 2 in Mathews, both on the bay)
g) I've made my own arrangements and don't require any assistance

Note: For a link to local accommodations, please click here or see separate post on lodging.

7. Please provide an e-mail address where we can contact you with additional information.

Thanks and we look forward to your arrival.

Blog Fest Guests

Below is a list of bloggers who are planning to attend the 2009 Blogfest. As I receive registration forms, and as time permits, I will update this list.

Also, if you have already told me you're coming and I don't have your name up here, just remind me. I have the organizational skills and memory of a glazed doughnut.

Grandma J





Big Hair Envy

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of All Trades

Pleasing Procrastinator

Well Read Hostess

Meg from Soup is not a Finger Food

Asthma Girl

River Poet

The Baroness


Ann Marie

Auds at Barking Mad - YAY!

Living on the Spit

Commenter Mathews Mountain Man + Family + Pookie

Commenter Bayman

Commenter Anonymous Mathews Native


The following are still thinking about it and need to be encouraged to just say YES:



There is space at Chesapeake Bay Woman's house for guests, and she also has ample yard available for those who want to camp. If you are interested in commercial lodging, a detailed listing is available at - click on the Lodging section. There are no hotels in Mathews, but there are B&B's and rental cottages available.

Below are some of the options:

Bed and Breakfasts

Buckley Hall Inn
(804) 725-1900

Kingston Plantation Inn
(804) 725-5831

Sycamore Haven House
(804) 725-0147


New Point Comfort RV Resort
(804) 725-5120

Gwynn's Island RV Resort
(804) 725-5700

Hotels - Located in Gloucester County, approximately 15 miles away

Comfort Inn
(804) 695-1900

Hampton Inn

Directions and Local Information

This post is still under construction.

Directions: (forthcoming)

Questions? Please ask them here.

If you have questions that have not been addressed already, please leave a comment here and let me know what you need. Thanks!