Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 Virginia Blog Fest Overview

Welcome to the 2009 Virginia Blogfest informational site. Please note: This site is still under construction and some of the information here will likely change and/or be updated, particularly the schedule of events. The dates, July 16-19, will not change, nor will the location, Mathews County, Virginia.

Chesapeake Bay Woman and Big Hair Envy invite you to attend a blogging get-together, open to any blogger, commenter or reader of our blogs.

The goal of our gathering is to have fun, to meet people we've come to call our friends, perhaps learn something new about blogging, and tour Mathews County, Virginia.

Below is a tenative agenda, subject to change:

Thursday, July 16
Bloggers arrive
5:00 p.m. - Cookout at Chesapeake Bay Woman's House, which overlooks Queens Creek.

Friday, July 17
Late morning - Tour of Mathews
Lunch - Location TBD
Afternoon - Free time (I will be researching the possibility of a boat trip.)
Dinner - TBD

Saturday, July 18
Free Time
Afternoon - Travel to beach on Gwynn's Island for swimming, possibly jet skiing, sunning. There is a large grassy area available for anyone not wanting to get sandy.
Dinner - Cookout at the beach. Guest appearances from local Mathews residents.

Sunday, July 19
Bloggers depart.


  1. I'm coming! Not gonna miss this! I gotta fill out my paperwork!

  2. I'm in! Probably driving from TX. Save me a seat.

  3. This sounds like fun! I would love to meet all of these folks in person!

    Peace - D

  4. Count me in .. I will be coming with Lauren (MPM)....

  5. OK - I've sent in my info via email. I'm going to look at the B&Bs.


  6. Okay...I am going to finally commit.

    I will be in attendance on Saturday Evening for the cookout.

    Just let me know what the plans are...cost or what to bring...etc.

    Ooooo and what time to come...

    Add me to the list.

  7. And there will be NO flogging for the past winter snow...consider it my personal gift to all of you who had snow.

  8. Yay! I'll put you on the list, LOTS - Glad you can come.